Monimove is completely changing the way people think about credit utilisation. 


Clients: Banks clients can track orders easily using the Monimove app: once received, banks pay suppliers directly within five working days, removing the need for manual authorisations.

Suppliers: Because banks pay suppliers directly, they benefit from reduced invoice payment times and can have better cashflow control.

Society: Individuals, small companies, venture capitalists, charities, local government: everyone can benefit from Monimove.


How can Monimove help me?

Monimove is designed for banks to manage end to end credit workflow. But it also allows suppliers to get quicker payments, and clients to accrue interest on credit only as it’s drawn down through their project lifespan. You don’t have to have a loan to use MoniMove, you may use it with your own finance.

How does Monimove benefit society?

It offers growth opportunities for all of society. Whether you’re someone building your own house, a venture capitalist, or someone from a charity or local government: Monimove gives reassurance that projects and/or expenses will meet the standards you’re expecting.

How does the free trial work?

Bank representatives are welcome to contact us and one of our representatives will be in touch to outline the details of the free trial.

What are the supplier payment terms?

With Monimove, suppliers can be confident that their payment will be made within 5 working days from the system invoice date by the bank, and once the client has confirmed the goods or services are as expected, payment will be made.

What are banks’ options for hosting the portal?

The portal can operate out of the bank’s server, independently of the mainframe, or via a selection of cloud services.

Do suppliers negotiate business contract terms with the bank or the client?

Supplier negotiations should be undertaken with the client only, as banks don’t interfere in these finer business details.

How are suppliers added to the portal?

Suppliers receive an email invitation from the client with portal login details.

Is personal data secure on the Monimove portal?

All data is encrypted – Monimove has no access to it – only the bank can access the data. Monimove is able to provide this level of security via the implementation of the latest security ISOs.