Welcome to Monimove

Monimove is the first of a whole new generation of financial technologies and companies that enable intimate control and efficiency over the progress of a project, contract, loan, donation utilization, and their disbursements. Monimove protects customers from the unseen operational risk syndromes that jeopardize business environments which reflect negatively on society.
Our customers are Governments, International Organizations, Venture Capitalists, Real Estate Developers, Universities, Charities, and all type of Corporates since some have become overly reliant on the regulatory environment to preserve the integrity of their business. We are the first platform to allow all fund providers to create live links between the projects they are funding and the results being produced. All this with compassion for the world we live in.

Who We Are

We are a FinTech platform using the latest technology to deliver value, efficiency, and credibility to supply chain management. We are not just automating the process and payment; we are combating the severe unseen operational risks behind all credit, contract, loan, and donations syndromes. We analyzed the risk structure and created a system that reduces risk in a manageable and transparent way.

What We Do

Our system revolutionizes the prevention or risk for all users of credit and funding, including the construction industry, international aid and relief, banking and manufacturing. We have created a new approach to fund utilization systems, making business credit, contracting, lending, or donating better for everyone. The Monimove Platform offers a transparent way for all parties to track approved funds and optimize their liquidity management. It reduces operational risks and associated costs so that customers can issue credit, loan, donation, or sign a contract to a broader range of contractors or suppliers with full freedom, high flexibility, transparency with privacy, and customers can set their own control level.

Monimove FAQs

Customers: All customers can track orders easily using the Monimove app: once delivery is received, the customer’s bank will pay the supplier’s bank directly, removing the need for manual authorizations.
Suppliers: Suppliers benefit from reduced invoice payment times, can have better cash flow control, and the risk of payment delays is eradicated if delivery was successful.
Society: By providing credibility to the business financial relationships, risk is reduced, trust is increased and SMEs and the rest of the society benefit from swift and sustainable development and prosperity..

The Monimove process

Its all

Nothing benefits our society more than effective business, especially one that engages in bold new projects where all the players in the process are dealt with effectively and efficiently. Monimove platform provides a tool to the fund provider to use its features systematically, and the customer will be the platform Admin with full authority.
Monimove platform doesn’t interfere in the relationship between the customer and suppliers. Monimove ensures credit availability before purchase orders are issued and protects all participants from unseen operational syndromes as desired.


Many disputes arise from a breakdown in trust in documentation and credibility, or from delays in the authorization process. This new method of fund utilization will eliminate most of the operational disputes that result from process authorization, authentication, documentation and integrity; the fund provider can exercise discretion on the level of control depending on their attitude to risk, giving them confidence in the transaction.