Welcome to Monimove

MoniMove is the first of a whole new generation of financial technologies and companies that enable intimate control and efficiency over the progress of projects and the disbursements for these. Our principal customers are banks. Banks have become overly reliant on the regulatory environment to preserve the integrity of their business. We are the first company to give the banks the opportunity to make the links between the projects they are funding and the results being produced. All this with compassion for the world we live in…

Who We Are

We are a financial services company using the latest technology to deliver value to a supply chain that is currently done manually. Our first and primary market, banks, realise all to well the difficulty of the integrity of manual processes. As with all other parts of the operations of banks, automation has done two things: increased the integrity of the process and brought down overheads.

What We Do

We are a credit revolution for banks, we provide the Next Generation of Credit Utilisation, making business credit better for everyone. The Monimove Portal offers banks a transparent way to track approved funds, and optimise their liquidity management. It reduces commercial and industrial credit risk – and associated costs, so banks can issue credit to a wider range of clients, and secure new self-funded clients will all the benefits free of charge.

Monimove FAQs

Clients: Banks’ clients can track orders easily using the Monimove app: once received, banks pay suppliers directly within 5 working days, removing the need for manual authorisations.
Suppliers: Because banks pay suppliers directly, they benefit from reduced invoice payment times, and can have better cashflow control.
Society: Individuals, small companies, venture capitalists, charities, local government: everyone can benefit from Monimove.

The Monimove process


Nothing benefits our society more than effective business; business that engages in bold new projects where all players in the process are dealt with effectively, efficiently, and with justice. With Monimove, the “little guys” can compete on the same footing as the “big guys”, and everybody wins, most especially the client of the Bank

New Business
For The Banks

This new method of credit utilisation puts banks in the position where they can generate considerable new revenue.