With Monimove, any small business can compete on the same footing as a global organisation.


Nothing benefits our society more than effective business. Business that engages in bold new projects where all players in the process are dealt with effectively, efficiently, and with justice. With MoniMove, any small business can compete on the same footing as a global organisation, and everybody wins, most especially the client of the Bank.


A new generation of profitable corporate social responsibility

Monimove offers growth opportunities for all of society. Whether it’s people building their own house, SMEs, venture capitalists, charities or local governments: it gives the reassurance that projects will meet the standards you’re expecting. On top of that, Monimove helps banks to help these parts of society around them – for free.

  • Individuals can be sure of the quality of their building materials, and SMEs can complete high-quality projects within the agreed budget and timeframe
  • Venture capitalists will have better assessment of potential clients, with greater transparency and lower risk: allowing them to support more companies
  • Charities will have the assurance that they will receive the quantity of the goods, and quality of services, that they’ve commissioned, building their reputation and leading to increased donations
  • Local governments can use the business tools provided on the portal for improved visibility and control over their projects, as well as quality, cost and time